Emily's Priorities

Improving Every School

Emily Shetty and her husband have made Montgomery County home because we have some of the best schools in the world. To make sure all of Montgomery County’s schools live up to this standard, Emily proposes a three part plan: provide universal, high-quality pre-school; equip schools with wrap-around support services; and move from an earmark system of school construction funding to a fair formula that provides Montgomery County with the resources we need.

Though Montgomery County as a whole is fortunate to have excellent schools, children of low-income and vulnerable families are falling behind before they begin kindergarten. Providing access to high-quality pre-school is one crucial step to help reduce the educational achievement gap. Studies have shown that children who attend high quality pre-school are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and earn higher wages as adults.

When students are in elementary, middle and secondary school, we must ensure that they have access to the wrap-around support services necessary for them to succeed. By providing schools with adequate resources to hire counselors, psychologists and social workers, students will be able to access the services they need and teachers can do what they do best – teach our children.

As our school buildings have aged, Montgomery County has seen a surge in enrollment of students in our public school system. Today, Montgomery County educates more than 151,000 students – nearly 18 percent of the entire state’s public school students — yet we receive a significantly smaller percentage of state school construction funding. Emily would advocate for a fair formula that distributes the state school construction dollars across jurisdictions with the highest need. We can’t expect students to learn at their best when the roof is leaking and bathrooms are inadequate.

In Annapolis, Emily will make sure every Montgomery County school has the resources to provide a world-class education for all children.

Reducing Traffic

Emily Shetty knows more traffic means less family time.
Montgomery County’s population is growing exponentially as families continue to choose to move here for our exceptional schools and vibrant community. With this growth in population, Emily believes we need smart transportation policies that prioritize moving people safely and efficiently, regardless of their mode of transport.

A strong proponent of the Purple Line which would take cars off the roads, reduce traffic and provide more efficient east-west travel from New Carrolton to Bethesda.

Because the most congested arteries in District 18 — Connecticut Ave. (MD 185); University Blvd (MD 193); Georgia Ave. (MD 97) and Wisconsin Ave. (MD 355) – are state roads, state and county transportation policy must work together to prioritize moving people safely whether walking, biking, driving or taking transit. In Annapolis, Emily will bring state and local leaders together so we can meet our community’s needs.

Putting Families First

Emily Shetty is a leader in the campaign for a higher minimum wage and a strong supporter of paid leave. She will take the fight for family-friendly workplaces to Annapolis.

As a board member for the Montgomery County Young Democrats, Emily was a key leader of a coalition that organized workers, labor union advocates, advocates for women and the immigrant community that successfully pushed Montgomery County elected officials to increase the minimum wage.

Emily also believes that ensuring that workers have access to paid family and medical leave is not just fair to hard working families, but is also good for the economy. Giving workers flexible options to keep a job while caring for an ill family member ensures that we can continue to grow our labor force, lessen employee turnover, increases a worker’s lifetime earnings and retirement security – particularly among women. Additionally, studies show that companies that provide work-family benefits see positive impacts on their profits.

No one should have to choose between family needs and a job. As Delegate, Emily will take the fight to ensure a fair workplace to Annapolis.