Emily Shetty knows more traffic means less family time.

Montgomery County’s population is growing exponentially as families continue to choose to move here for our exceptional schools and vibrant community. With this growth in population, Emily believes we need smart transportation policies that prioritize moving people safely and efficiently, regardless of their mode of transport.

Emily shares the concerns of many neighbors in D18 regarding Governor Hogan’s plan to expand and privatize the beltway. While initially proposed as an effort to reduce traffic congestion, it will instead be devastating to the many neighborhoods that reside within very close proximity to the beltway, posing substantial environmental and public health threats. Emily believes that a more strategic and environmentally-friendly choice would be to instead invest in reliable public transportation, by providing Metro dedicated funding and adequate oversight to ensure resources are spent wisely.

Emily is a strong proponent of the Purple Line which will take cars off the roads, reduce traffic and provide more efficient east-west travel from New Carrollton to Bethesda; however, she believes that during these next several years of construction, elected officials must maintain constant communication with impacted neighborhoods.

Because the most congested arteries in District 18 — Connecticut Ave. (MD 185); University Blvd (MD 193); Georgia Ave. (MD 97) and Wisconsin Ave. (MD 355) – are state roads, state and county transportation policy must work together to prioritize moving people safely whether walking, biking, driving or taking transit. In Annapolis, Emily will bring state and local leaders together so we can meet our community’s needs.